Do DELFT Photo Challenge

A bit of battle and competition in the streets of Delft? The Do DELFT Photo Challenge is the activity for colleagues, friends and family members who want to take on the challenge. What’s going to happen?

The game is played at 3 locations in our beautiful city. Participants get to see photos of places in the city on their own phone. The participants look for these points and take a selfie here. The first person to take a selfie on all points earns the most points.

In between the game rounds, the guide provides more information about the city and the places where the selfies were taken. Important information… because after the last photo round we play the endgame. Who will be the winner of the Do DELFT Photo Challenge and go home with the great prize?

In brief:

  • This activity takes approx. 2 hours.
  • Price: € 150 per group of up to 25 people.
  • During the Do DELFT Photo Challenge we use a Whatsapp group.
  • Participation in the activities of Do DELFT is at your own risk.



Do YOU have a passion for the city of orange and blue? Then we are looking for YOU

Delft city guide (German speaking)

Since 2016, Do DELFT has been organizing the most beautiful city walks, scooter tours and walking dinners, with enthusiasm and love for the city of Delft. We also lend a helping hand to (international) companies that want to organize their event in Delft.

To strengthen our team, we invite both experienced guides and starters to apply. The work for Do DELFT is carried out on a freelance basis.

The Do DELFT guides can be recognized by their:

o Enthusiasm; Usually the sun shines in Delft, but even when it rains, we passionately tell about beautiful Delft.

o Expertise; every participant in our activities is naturally curious about the Delft pearls. Our guides know how to find them effortlessly. And difficult questions… they don’t exist for them.

o Communication skills; they can tell wonderful stories, but also listen well. They are empathetic and give/receive feedback.

o Language skills; Dutch, English, German, Spanish or French, pas de problem! (We are currently mainly looking for guides who speak German)

o Inclusiveness; there is no room for ego or fear in Delft, everyone is welcome and is valued for his/her qualities.

o Flexibility; a bus with foreign guests can sometimes get stuck in a traffic jam, or arrive earlier in the city.

o Improvisation skills; many things are going well, but not everything is going smoothly. Our guides don’t see problems, but challenges.

The Do DELFT guides can count on:

o An independent working environment, where you go out as a guide with your own group.

o 24/7 support from Do DELFT

o A well-organized activity.

o Learning / onboarding process; if necessary of course.

o Nice encounters with other world citizens.

o Rewards that are in line with the market and an end-of-year gift.

Do you recognize yourself in the above profile and have you become enthusiastic? Send your motivation, including CV, to

Vermeer Citywalk

The famous painter Johannes Vermeer is known all over the world, but his cradle was in Delft. It is not entirely known when Johannes was born. What is known is that he was baptized in the New Church and that a very large part of his life took place in Delft. Enough to tell about the life and work of the master of light!

During our walk, a Do DELFT guide will take you along important places in Delft, where Vermeer comes back to life thanks to beautiful stories. You will see Vermeer’s birthplace, the place where he painted ‘View of Delft’ and ‘The Little Street’ and of course the Oude Kerk, where Johannes Vermeer was buried.

In brief:

  • The Vermeer Walk takes about 1.5 hours.
  • The cost of the walk is 90 euros per guide.
  • A maximum of 25 people can participate per group.

You book the Vermeer Walk by sending an email to


The well-known yellow scooters are back in the streets of Delft. Refurbished by the Delft bicycle repairman Piet Vonk and equipped with a Delft blue rear tire, these yellow friends are ready for many kilometers of scooter fun.

To celebrate this, Do DELFT and restaurant De Delf have transformed September into… sTeptember!

Throughout the month, various scooter tours are organized through the charming center of the city and, of course, beyond. Because thanks to the scooters, the Agneta park, the Oostpoort and the Hofje van Pauw are even easier to reach from the center. A guide from Do DELFT accompanies the group and tells a lot about the city of Orange & Blue along the way.

But it doesn’t stop there, because it is only sTeptember once a year, which is why restaurant De Delf treats the participants to a refreshing drink afterwards!

When do we leave?

  • Sunday September 3, at 3 PM
  • Saturday September 9, at 5 PM
  • Sunday September 10, at 1 PM
  • Wednesday September 13, at 5 PM
  • Sunday September 24, at 1 PM
  • Friday September 29, at 5 PM
  • Saturday September 30, at 3 PM (nearly fully booked)
  • is your desired date not listed? Let us know and we will look at the possibilities.

All the facts at a glance:

  • A scooter tour lasts 1.5 hours and takes place with a minimum of 4 people.
  • Participants can register individually, but also in groups. Minimum age is 15.
  • The guide speaks Dutch and/or English.
  • The scooters are not electric.
  • The price for the scooter tour with guide including a drink is € 25,00 per person.
  • Participation is at your own risk.
  • You can register by sending an email to or sending a whatsapp message to 0031 (0)6-44224743.

Walking Dinner in Delft

Eating and walking, that is perfectly possible in Delft. During this walk we combine cozy food with the history of the city. A delicious soup will be served at the starting location, where the guide will pick you up for a walk along the New Church, the town hall and the Meathouse. While walking, you arrive at the restaurant, where you will enjoy the main course. With a full stomach, we continue the walk. During this second part of the walk, the guide will show you the Prinsenhof and the Old Church. The walk ends with a dessert, you will like it!

  • Our walking dinner takes about 4 hours and you walk about 3 kilometers.
  • We work together with a number of good restaurants, which are centrally located in the center of the city.
  • Dietary wishes and vegetarians are of course taken into account as much as possible.
  • Drinks during the dishes are not included, you pay for these on the spot.
  • Lunch instead of dinner? That is also possible! This arrangement consists of coffee with cake, a soup and a delicious sandwich.
  • Price for this walking dinner, from 10 persons: € 59,00 per person
  • Price for this walking lunch, from 10 persons: € 39,00 per person
  • Less than 10 people: the price is on request.
  • More information and reservations:

Audioguide Citywalk Delft

Together with WeGoTrip we made an audiotour in Delft. Our own in-app audio tour is informative, sometimes practical but always relaxed and welcoming.

You will stroll through the streets, along the canals and royal squares. Wondering why the tower of the Old Church is so lopsided? Want to know why the Delft pottery is blue? And which royal highnesses are in the Royal vault? Your digital guide will tell you!

The tour starts at Market Square where you will learn how the city came to be, and marvel at the magnificent New Church, and the “oxblood red” shutters of the City Hall.

Next, you will see where the famous painter Johannes Vermeer spent his childhood and developed his talent. Then, you will plunge into the atmosphere of old Delft while examining the former meat house, which is now a must-visit restaurant, and the Butter Bridge, which was once used as a big fridge.

As you continue along the historical downtown of the city, you will “meet” the father of the nation – Willem van Oranje. You will cross the beautiful canals and be amazed to learn that they are full of bicycles.

The tour ends at one of Delft’s coziest courtyards, Hofje van Pauw.

We are sure that you will love Delft. Back home you will tell all your friends about the unique atmosphere in this old Dutch city. After all, Delft never disappoints!

You can book our audiotour via this link to the website of WeGoTrip.