Do DELFT Photo Challenge

A bit of battle and competition in the streets of Delft? The Do DELFT Photo Challenge is the activity for colleagues, friends and family members who want to take on the challenge. What’s going to happen?

The game is played at 3 locations in our beautiful city. Participants get to see photos of places in the city on their own phone. The participants look for these points and take a selfie here. The first person to take a selfie on all points earns the most points.

In between the game rounds, the guide provides more information about the city and the places where the selfies were taken. Important information… because after the last photo round we play the endgame. Who will be the winner of the Do DELFT Photo Challenge and go home with the great prize?

In brief:

  • This activity takes approx. 2 hours.
  • Price: € 150 per group of up to 25 people.
  • During the Do DELFT Photo Challenge we use a Whatsapp group.
  • Participation in the activities of Do DELFT is at your own risk.


One Reply to “Do DELFT Photo Challenge”

  1. Bianca Wijzenbroek

    Deze foto challenge is super leuk om te doen. Je wordt meegenomen in de geschiedenis van Delft en je krijgt afwisselende opdrachten om te doen. Foto’s, vragen, google opdrachten. We werden steeds fanatieker! Bedankt Kevin voor de organisatie van de foto challenge


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